Empty Sky – Video 1 – Album “Empty Sky”

30 10 2009

1      Well here it is, the first of my Elton John piano covers.  Naturally, I chose to start off at the beginning; Elton John’s first album, “Empty Sky.”  This is of course the title track and the first song of the album. 

At the start of Elton and Bernie’s careers, the lyrics were often naive, obscure and down-right strange.  Empty Sky is certainly no exception to that rule.  I think this song speaks a lot to Elton and Bernie’s youth and wanting to break out of the rut that they had found themselves in.  The album could easily be classified as psychedelic rock, but the presence of Elton John’s brilliant and easy-to-listen-to melodies is extremely evident.

     I love this album because it sounds different from all of Elton’s other albums. I love the mix of organ, piano and harpsichord throughout the album. And, I love the fact that he chose to play all the keys on this album, which was a rare occasion indeed. (The next time this would happen would be on the Too Low For Zero album). This track in particular is an exciting mesh of a jam tune leading into a very melodic and almost hymnal chorus. The use of hymnal-sounding chords became a very signature Elton John style. I elected to add a little organ in the chorus to my cover; it is subtle, but it is there. Otherwise, I tried to play the track as straight forward as I could.

I hope you enjoy my version of Empty Sky.  I am excited to continue this project, and I hope it evolves as I move along.  Please please please give me feedback if there’s something you think should be different or there’s things you enjoy.  With that, please enjoy my rendition of Elton John’s “Empty Sky”

I’m not a rat to be spat on locked up in this room
Those bars that look towards the sun at night look towards the moon
Everyday the swallows play in the clouds of love
Make me wish that I had wings take me high above

And I looked high and saw the empty sky
If I could only, I could only fly
I’d drift with them in endless space
But no man flies from this place

At night I lay upon my bench and stare towards the stars
The cold night air comes creeping in and home seems oh so far
If only I could swing upon those twinkling dots above
I’d look down from the heavens upon the ones I love

And I looked high and saw the empty sky
If I could only, I could only fly
I’d drift with them in endless space
But no man flies from this place

Hey the lucky locket hangs around your precious neck
Some luck I ever got with you and I wouldn’t like to bet
That sooner or later you’ll own just one half of this land
By shining your eyes on the wealth of every man

And I looked high and saw the empty sky
If I could only, I could only fly
I’d drift with them in endless space
But no man flies from this place

Just send up my love ain’t seen nothing but tears
Now I’ve got myself in this room for years
I don’t see no one, I never see anyone

© 1969 Dick James Music Limited




8 responses

30 10 2009

Wow, great to read how you first became a fan! I’m really looking forward to watching each solo and more importantly listening to those songs that have been a part of my life for so long in a different way – no vocals just keyboards.
Great first track! Excellent idea to include the lyrics too. Keep it up and I hope you manage to find all the sheet music you still need to complete your project. TS

30 10 2009

Nice job! Love this song….so rarely played!

30 10 2009

Thanks for the comments!! I’m so glad things are off the ground and going. The next song is recorded and should be up tomorrow! Thanks so much for following

1 11 2009

Tyler, that was great! I wish I could play like that. You are really talented! Let’s hear some more!


11 12 2009
Terry Roberts

Hey, Tyler, I just finished singing Empty Sky with your accompaniment and posting it to YouTube as a video response. This was a LOT more of a challenge than Your Song. I’ll admit…I didn’t know the lyrics. Did anyone??? I’ve been listening to this song for like 20 years, but I had no idea what he was saying except in the chorus. I do really did this song, but it’s so odd to do with just piano and voice since it’s so reliant on percussion, guitars, drums, and…well…flute(!). I had a lot of fun doing it. Having the lyrics right on the page with your video helped! I hit play and read your lyric post while singing. Hope you enjoy it…!

23 03 2010

Awesome Job!!! I wish he would finally do this song live in concert…anyway, is there any possible way I can get that on paper to learn that myself? Cost? Please reply. thank you.

29 05 2010
Janette Crenshaw

If only I had a nickel for every time I came here… Superb article.

29 05 2010

Thank you so much for stopping by!! I will get some new material up soon.

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