Val-Hala – Video 2 – Album “Empty Sky”

31 10 2009

elton-1968Day number two of the blog!! And a very Happy Haloween to everyone reading!

Today’s song is Val-Hala, the second track from Elton John’s debut album Empty Sky. As you may already know, the intro and chorus of this song features Elton on harpsichord and the hammond carries the verses. As I was starting out to record this song, I had full intentions of playing it with the harpsichord voice on my keyboard. The few takes I did at first just didn’t sound right. So I decided to do the song on piano only. I tried to tone it down a little from Elton’s version to bring out the wonderful chord structure of this song. This song is a classic mid-tempo that Elton has written in many many times.

This song’s lyric definitely still borders on the obscure, but definitely seems to contain a more tangible story-line than Empty Sky. In the early days many of Taupin’s lyrics contained hints of mythological and fairy tale themes. This song is about the viking’s journey to Valhalla (incorrectly spelled and hyphenated on the original release of the album). Norse mythology defines Valhalla as a majestic hall where those slain in combat were taken to be watched over by the God Odin.

I hope you enjoy my version of Val-Hala! And again thanks for all the comments and views on the last blog. 

Check out Another Nickel In the Machine, where I got the photo above.  There’s a lot of very interesting infomation about that period in then Reginald Kenneth Dwight’s life.

The seadogs have all sailed their ships
Into the docks of dawn
While the sirens sit and comb their hair
And twiddle with their thumbs

Oh Thor above the mountain
Look down upon your children
This is their heaven where they’re told
To bring their galleons

Seek you find your place with me
Men of iron, men of steel
Only the brave hear the hammers ring
In the courts of the Queens, in the halls of the Kings

You can come to Val-hala in your own time
Come to Val-hala seek and you will find Val-hala
Come to Val-hala in your own time
Come to Val-hala seek and you will find Val-hala

There’s long boats in the harbour
Which arrive there every hour
With the souls of the heroes
Whose blood lies on the flowers

And this heaven is the home
Of every man who loves his sword
And he uses it for freedom
To preach the word of Thor

© 1969 Dick James Music Limited




2 responses

10 11 2009

Fantastic idea…..Old76 and I (from forum) listened and we both love what you are doing here. What a wonderful tribute to Elton…..thanks for sharing! Sue

(don’t know if you will be able to see the image….but it’s worth a try)

10 11 2009

Thanks so much for your feedback!! I hope you guys will continue to check in from time to time. I was able to click on a link of the picture. Is that one that Old67 did? Really beautifully done, almost impossible to tell the difference between that and the original photograph. Nice work!!

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