Lady What’s Tomorrow – Video 3 – Album “Empty Sky”

2 11 2009

Elton in 1969Here it is, blog three!! Today’s piano cover is Lady What’s Tomorrow, the fifth track from Elton John’s debut album Empty Sky. You may have noticed that I skipped a few songs from the album (Western Ford Gateway and Hymn 2000). The only reason is that I don’t have sheet music for those songs and I’m not much at playing by ear. If by any chance you have those songs in sheet music, shoot it my way and before you know it, they will appear as blog posts.

Lady What’s Tomorrow is the first track on the Empty Sky album that follows the soon to be notorious pop/rock song style of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Most of the tracks on Empty Sky feature a great deal of additional instrumentation including harpsichord, organs, and others; whereas, Lady What’s Tomorrow utilizes mostly acoustic piano with a little guitar. Although this song is one of the simplest on Empty Sky, for me it was the hardest to record. Elton’s vocal melody is very loosely tied around the rhythm and varies widely throughout the verses. So please try to excuse my weak attempt at modelling his vocal line on the piano, and try to focus on the terrific melody of this song.

This song echoes a common theme of lost youth from many of Bernie’s early lyrics. It seems to be about growing up and leaving the country life for the city life. Bernie must have been going through a lot of unexpected changes at this time in his life. After spending the first 18 years of his life growing up in the country-side, he was quickly whisked off to the city to live at Elton’s family home writing songs. Bernie’s best lyric following this theme is definitely Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, but Lady What’s Tomorrow is a good teaser for what was to come.

Enjoy my rendition, and as always, please leave your feedback!

Look up little brother
Can you see the clover
No not over there
A little bit left and over there

Now look and see the lilac tree
The lily pond, the skylark’s song
The open air but no one cares
If branches live and die out there

Remember when you were nine
And I was ten
We would run into the woods
No we never will again

And Lady, what’s tomorrow
What’s tomorrow anyway
If it’s not the same as now
It’s the same as yesterday

Yes Lady, what’s tomorrow
Will it be the same as now
Will the farmer push the pen
Will the writer pull the plough

Look up little brother
Can you see the clover
Oh sorry but it’s over
Now there’s concrete and no clover

© 1969 Dick James Music Limited




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