It’s Me That You Need – Video 9 – Single Album “Empty Sky”

16 11 2009

madman_shakes_tokyoWe have finally reached the end of the Empty Sky era.  Today’s song is It’s Me That You Need.  This song originally appeared as the a-side to Elton’s third single.  This song, like Elton’s first two singles failed to chart in the United States and the UK.  In Japan, however, the song was Elton’s most successful single in that country (released in 1971) up until his 1997 version of Candle In the Wind.  The only time this song has been performed live was in Japan on his 1971 tour of the country.  Elton opened his show with the song playing it solo.  I’ve elected to cover this song as Elton did at this 1971 concert.  The image you see on this blog is the cover of the bootleg album that this version of It’s Me That You Need appears on.

It’s Me That You Need is probably my favorite song from the whole Empty Sky era.  I love the lyric and I love the melody.  The song is about someone who is convinced they were the one for their former lover.  The repetition of the lyric can seem redundant on the surface, but I think it adds to the desperation of the scorned lover telling the tale.

The original version of the song starts with strings and utilizes horns and organ throughout.  However, I much prefer the stripped down live version from the 1971 Japan show.  Click here to check out this version on youtube.  I also need to thank Glen at Elton John’s Music Cafe for his transcription of the song as it is the sheet music that I am using.  You may notice that I am not playing the vocal line only the rhythm that Elton plays throughout the song.  So if you’re a vocalist, please feel free to sing along.  I just think the way Elton plays the song here stands on its own without the vocal line.

Please enjoy my rendition of It’s Me That You Need.  Tomorrow we will move on to the Elton John album and as many of you know, the album opens with Your Song.  So be sure to tune in over the next few days and check out my version of Your Song.

Hey there
Look in the mirror
Are you afraid you might see me looking at you
Waiting, waiting at windows
Oh it’s me that you need
Yes it’s me and I’m waiting for you

But I remain silent
Oh I won’t say a word
I leave you to realise I’m the light in your world

And it’s me, yes it’s me, yes it’s me, yes it’s me
That you’re needing
It’s me, yes it’s me, yes it’s me, yes it’s me
That you need
Yes it’s me, yes it’s me, yes it’s me
If you want to be living
I’m the one who’s forgiving
Admit that it’s me that you need

Watching, watching the swallows fly
It all means the same
Just like them
You can fly home again
But don’t, no don’t forget yesterday
Pride is an ugly word girl
And you still know my name

© 1969 Dick James Music Limited




2 responses

30 05 2010
Phil Jones

Amazing playing, truly impressed and Ive been to a lot of Elton John concerts.

If I couldn’t see your fingers then Id say it wasn’t you.

You mention in an earlier post that you use the standard music books for the music and then embellish it as you play.

Any chance of a video describing how you do this?

30 05 2010

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your comment. I strive very much to emulate Elton’s style.

As far as what I do to embellish, I really just listen and think what would Elton add to this if he were playing the song with just him and the piano. Its tough to explain, but I think its really come through years of listen to how he plays and working the same stylings into my playing. I will definitely look into making an instructional video about what I do. It would be difficult to teach exactly what I do because most of it is just listening to Elton and repeating. But I like the challenge of making an instructional video. Stay tuned and maybe it will surface!

Thanks again!

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